Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Really? What's It About?

Think Buffy meets Excalibur.

Here's a very brief blurb; the book is 111,000 words:

In twelfth century England, while King Richard is absent from the throne, a heroine emerges who will risk everything to protect the land and the people she loves from a confederation of war-mongering nobles. Nineteen-year-old Baroness Gwendolyn de Cardinham learned from her husband how to fight with the broadsword before he left her in charge of the manor to join the crusades. In the autumn of 1192, she embarks with William, a knight from a humble family who rose to serve as head guard, on an errand to locate her parents' tomb. They discover instead that her sword, passed on to her by her grandfather, is in fact the legendary Excalibur. She alone is heir to an ancient legacy to protect the future of England at a time when the middle class of merchants and skilled craftsmen was first emerging. But her sword is not whole; a fragment of the hilt was buried with her parents and she must retrieve it before she and her sword are captured or killed.

Sound good? Want to read it? Tell an agent for me!

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