Thursday, February 26, 2009

Now I've Done It

Yep, I've gone and started book two of a series for which I have yet to sell book one. Heck, for which I have even to get representation for book one. I just couldn't hold off any more. The story is there. The characters are there. It's the end of the month and clients aren't calling, already worried about how much they've spent in fees this month. There were other things I could have done today, but I'm writing. I could be writing a business plan or the site map or ordering my MIL's birthday cake. But I'm writing.

I wish I could tell you what the second story's about. I wish I could talk with someone about it. It's like going to a movie that you really enjoyed and then finding out you're not allowed to discuss it with anyone. Somewhere I read that if you're doing a series, you have have have to keep the plotline and driving conflict for the subsequent books under wraps. I guess this makes sense. Arggh.

It feels good to be writing new material again, though. It feels especially good to return to this particular story, to allow it to proceed again. The rewrite process on the first book helped me understand what the story was about. Now I feel like I have a better foundation for this story, but I also know that I do not, at this point, understand the full significance of what's going to happen to the characters this time. I have a very general sense of what they will be faced with and how it will happen, but the meaning, that deeper level where the story starts to resonate with universal human themes, won't emerge to me (or I won't figure it out - duh) until much later. For now, it's just write what flows and then go back and go back and go back. And then, eventually, "Aaaah. I get it."

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