Monday, June 9, 2014

Guest Post on The Writing Desk

Tony Riches, author of Warwick, The Shell, and Queen Sacrifice, has a great little blog, The Writing Desk, and he very kindly invited me to write a guest post there. Tony, who lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales (color me green), suggested I discuss what inspires me to write. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I'm so, so grateful to Tony for all of the encouragement he's given me with links and resources as I start out as a budding author. I look forward to doing the same for others as I grow my audience. Thanks for the boost, Tony, and for showing me by example how easily authors can help one another.

Here's a link to my post in Tony's blog, and each of his book titles above are linked to their Amazon pages. His books are highly reviewed and the descriptions sound like exactly what I enjoy reading--so you might enjoy them too.

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