Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Even Writers Get Vacations...Sort of

There's been very little posting on the blog for the last few weeks because the family and I have been on extended vacation in Oregon, a much nicer place to spend July than in central Texas. Unfortunately, we are heading back at the end of the week, just in time for Triple Digit August. Thanks to my vivid writer's imagination, I'm doing a great job of pretending I'm not actually leaving Oregon any time soon.

So that hubs could get some work done, we're in a house with wifi, which means I've been getting some work done every now and then, too. And I've got some exciting news that I can now officially announce (because I have the official banner with dates and everything).

Remember my earlier post about the importance of investing in your own writing and hiring a team of professionals for your book? The pro's at Wisdom House Books have done something that I absolutely could not have pulled off by myself. I don't have either the contacts or the bandwidth to put together a book blog tour. And if you're a self-published author, as I am, this kind of publicity is critical to finding your audience and connecting with your readers. I feel so fortunate to have found the talented professionals that I found at Wisdom House books. They also did the book interior design and layout, and the rocking cover design exactly to my specifications.

Here's the beautiful banner they made for me:

I'll be adding this to its proper home at the top of the blog after I get home, but I'm too excited about this not to pre-announce it now. As the tour is ongoing I'll post links on Twitter and Facebook, and then a tour recap post here thanking all of the tourists.

Some other fun I've been having over my vacation is watching the book reviews from the Goodreads giveaway winners come in. Reviews have been positive, and they've also given me insight into some of the aspects of 12th c. England and what is known about women's lives and the role of religion from that period that I should take some time to illuminate here for my readers. I did so much research for Gwendolyn's Sword, and only so much of that background could be included in the Historical Notes section at the end of the book. But there's more to know about this period that is perhaps surprising and different from what we would assume must have been the reality. I'm looking forward to busting a few middle ages stereotypes with these future posts.

Finally, the good folks at Wisdom House Books also pointed me toward various contests that I entered last spring. Over the next several months finalists and winners will be announced. Fingers are crossed that I'll have more good news to announce in the coming months.

Happy summer, readers!

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