Monday, August 17, 2015

Guest Post on The Book Rat: No More Heroines

If you have not yet met Misty at The Book Rat, you're missing out. This powerhouse of lit fandom keeps a very active blog focused on all of her favorite books: "urban fantasy, paranormal romance, magical realism, sci-fi, and fairy tale retellings." She also hosts events dedicated to Halloween, Jane Austen, and fairy tales. If you are an author or reader of any of these, you will love this blog and the opportunity to get to know so many of the authors--The Book Rat is very generous in sharing her space with authors and introducing new works to her readers.

Misty and I talked about what I should post about while I was on my vacation in Oregon, and I ran a few ideas by her, mostly because I was pretty certain she'd find my first idea--a critique of the use of  the word "heroine" when discussing female heroes--too dry, too feministy, too ... dull. But no! She loved the idea, and made her own contribution to the theme.

Here's a link to the post:

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you enjoy meeting The Book Rat.

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