Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I'm a Featured Indie Author!

Indie Author News keeps a curated list of top Indie Authors and supports the rest of us trying to break out by offering Dirt. Cheap. promotional opportunities. I decided to take them up on one of their indie author promotional packages, and I'm amazed at the exposure I've gotten. In the last week I've gained about 200 followers on Twitter, met a ton of new authors, and seen my book promoted as a "Featured" book and an interview pushed out to their 87k+ Twitter followers and dubbed "amazing". Wow. The whole thing has left me a little breathless.

Here's a link to the interview. They asked some fun questions.

As fun as this has all been, the proof in the pudding will be seeing an increase in sales. But all of the exposure ain't bad, either.

To my fellow indie authors--what promotional tools have you found to be most helpful?


Gary Dorion said...

I'm still looking for a good promo package and thought I had one - BooksGoSocial - until I learned yesterday that my customers would have to either have a PayPal account or set one up. I learned the hard was through a stand-alone online store that customers are likely turned off at this sales method especially after they have added items to the cart, probably have gotten excited about their would-be purchases but - surprise - they find out at checkout that, one way or the other, they must use PayPal to process. You can use another credit card but you will have to have it processed through PayPal. Not good. Too bad, the program looked great and there was a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee which also would have applied to a book trailer that the company would do ($99 additional). I recommend not going with this platform due to the host's PayPal only policy. You will lose customers - many over the long run.

E. A. Haltom said...

Wow, thanks for the head's up, Gary. There are so many platforms out there for promoting books, so many different philosophies and strategies. I feel like it's a sign of how much independent content has flooded the internet in just the last few years, and the challenge for authors is to figure out how to reach their readers, and how to stand out. And of course, if your book wasn't ready (professionally edited and designed), even the best promotions may not be enough.