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Smitten By the Words is owned by E.A. Haltom, and is a forum for readers and authors who love the written word, particularly stories that uplift, that challenge stereotypes, that offer a vision into another world. The genres this translates into are literary fiction, science fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy. The blog post topics cover the creative writing process, the trials and successes of publishing (independent and traditional), experiments with characters and flash-fiction, book reviews, guest posts from favorite authors and new talent, fascinating historical tidbits, book announcements of interest, commentary on gender stereotypes in culture, and anything else that catches my eye that I find educational, inspirational, or just especially awesome.

I also use this blog to support independent authors that I personally like. I am dang choosy. I like books that have likable characters, that do not sensationalize violence, torture, or sexual assault, that go beyond stereotypes with their characters, that tweak our cultural norms, that show the value of courage and loyalty, and that are essentially optimistic. If the book is hilarious and/or a non-stop page-turner of adventure, so much the better. Some of my favorite books and authors are the Stieg Larsson series, Mary Gentle's Ash: A Secret History, William Napier's Atilla series, Owen Egerton, Barbara Kingsolver, David Mitchell, Toni Morrison, Steven Baxter, Neil Gaiman, and Ray Bradbury.

The features and content of the blog are constantly evolving. Check back regularly for new items and opportunities to participate or promote your own work.

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