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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I am delighted that you are interested in offering a guest post on Smitten By the Words. Please read the "about" page to see what kind of material is appropriate for this blog. You are welcome to include a link to your book (if you are an author) in your post, and topics to consider might be what inspired you to write the particular story you wrote, how you came up with a particular character, cool bits of information you learned along the way, how you do your research, how you write, your (mis)adventures as an independent writer, a review of another book that you love--you get the idea. If you are interested in submitting a guest post, please send me a note at Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you have in mind for your post. Also let me know if you are hoping to time your post for a particular date. Because I am sometimes travelling for a few days at a time, I may take a few days to respond. Don't fret; I will reply. Thank you again for your interest, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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